Hi there!

I'm NitroGuy. Currently, I am a human who lives on Earth. My hobbies include programming, producing music, editing videos, playing video games, and sleeping.

I am highly interested in computer science and software development. Java is without a doubt my best language and the language I have spent the most time with. Recently, I've been working a lot with Processing and making cool graphical things—something I've never really done before. I have also been using Python to great extent as of late and I really enjoy coding in it. I've dabbled in JavaScript as well as some game engine scripting languages such as Unity-C# and Godot's GDScript. I also have the teeny tiniest bit of C++ knowledge. Finally, I've only had a little bit of experience with building simple circuits to manipulate with microcontrollers but I'm already in love.

Video games have been a massive part of my life but I find myself playing them less and less due to lack of time. Some of my all-time favorites include, Minecraft (of course), Factorio, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, and more. As of the time of writing this, I am currently playing a lot of Overwatch.

I am chronically addicted to music. I love playing, producing, and listening to music. I've loved a variety of genres over the years but right now I am most fixated on Dubstep and EDM in general.


I produce EDM under the alias "The Sass". My music is all about emotion, fun, and taking the listener on a journey. It's also chock-full of lead solos and major 7s lol.

If you wanna have a listen, check me out on YouTube, SoundCloud, or even Newgrounds.

Or, if you'd prefer, read about story behind each of my tracks (and download them too).



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