The Sass


Fishcracks - Accusations (The Sass Remix)

A fun but melancholy remix in a UK dubstep-inspired style. I tried to step away from the crazy complex lead solos and frenzied arrangement I usually go for and I'm very happy I did. This one came together extremely quickly, and the result is a laid-back and emotional tune with a strong riff-based approach that I ended up really liking. Hope you enjoy!

Released: 19 August 2022

Genre: Melodic Dubstep


Neddie - Figment (The Sass Remix)

A cinematic melodic dubstep remix of Neddie - Figment for his Figment Remix Contest. Definitely my most polished and well-constructed track yet. I think my production is improving O_o. This one actually placed first! I'm so grateful for all the support I've gotten from this tune! You guys are the best <3

Released: 8 March 2021

Genre: Melodic Dubstep

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